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Places + Faces

Places + Faces 3M Cross Red Hat

Places + Faces 3M Cross Red Hat

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The brand:

Founded in 2013 by college friends Imran Ciesay and Solomon Boyede (aka Ciesay and Soulz), While in New York Ciesay began turning up at hip-hop shows finessing backstage passes, telling whoever asked that he worked for a hip-hop blog, soon Soulz did the same in London and the hip-hop blog titled ‘Places + Faces’ was born. 

Luck struck 3 times for the duo, While Ciesay formed a relationship with A$AP Mob, Soulz was doing the same with the stars of the Uk grime scene such as Skepta. Their third stroke of luck came when Kanye West noticed Ciesay and called him over, one photograph later and the small blog blew with popularity. 

In order put a face to Places + Faces, Ciesay and Soulz made a small run of tees and hoodies which they wore out shooting but never intended to sell, however thanks to their booming popularity and an accidental run in with Wiz Khalifa, that ended with the artist having one of the hoodies, they realised Merch could pay for the lifestyle they had been living. 

Now almost 10 years old, Places + Faces is a worldwide phenomenon. 

The product: 

Nylon cap with 3m detailing

Size adjustable


Red with reflective detailing 

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